06 November 2007

lunch break

It's my lunch break but here I am, still glued to the monitor of my comp. As if I am busy and have a deadline to beat! But nope, nope, nope! Just taking the time to chat with a few friends and browsing through friendster pages of friends and relatives. It's only now that I have the luxury of doing this, when most are online at this time. So there, I am missing lunch but, what do you know? I have a piece of bread just next to me and am gonna eat it later when I feel hungry. Right now am still feeling full. The last 2 weeks were really hectic esp. at work, and the past week we spent from early morning to late nights, even during the weekends, to beat the deadline for proposal submission related to our project. And finally last night, we sent it to the donor. So today, I felt a bit lighter, taking time to relax before I tackle again my regular tasks of reading and commenting on proposals, drafting agreements, communicating with partners, reading reports, and checking financial reports. The latter is something I had to take on again because our financial staff is leaving in 4 days' time and he will not do anything anymore!!!! It's just as well so the reports don't get messed up when he leaves. At least I will start working on it and I will be the one to process it until the money gets transferred to the partners. Hmm stop thinking about work for now coz I am having a break!

It is now November! I can feel it in the air, and December and Christmas are just around the corner!

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