08 October 2007

Time flies!

It is now October, and one week has already come and gone! Time flies so fast! How could this be? In less than 3 months we will be celebrating Christmas and the new year! I feel that I still have not recovered from my holiday travels and breaks and now another big one is coming up. And though I have decided (in my mind) not to go home, deep in my heart I want to. Just so because ... but it seems not possible. So maybe in April next year. Anyway time flies so I hope it will not be a long wait. But then going home in April is quite different from going home in December, especially with the Christmas and new year celebrations, and many other activities in town during the holiday season. Just have to bear being away from home, again! The festive season will just be an ordinary time here where I am, but in my heart I can celebrate, and let the gladness of celebration radiate from within, to touch others esp. those who do not know why!

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