09 January 2008

Can you beat this?

There are some who are already high in their professions but can still be immature and lack attention. Kulang sa pansin kumbaga. KSP. Nakakalbo na nga at amoy matanda nagpapapansin pa. I feel so irritated with people like this especially when they work together with others as they only want to get their own way. And if their way is not chosen they will threaten to back out of the commitment they have made. Or say many things blah blah blah! So what? So now I feel so upset because I encountered such an individual. And he is so high handed he would not even allow me to explain something that he himself misunderstood but he just thought he was right. He just went on and on and he really loved to listen to himself. Goodness! It was so disgusting to be in that situation. I could not work with this kind of person but since I am a professional I can perform my responsibilities and go on, until I could not take it anymore, I guess. But then I am also human and should not be disrespected like that. Just because he is a 'higher up' doesn’t mean he can be as pushy as he wants! We are supposed to work in an institute that respects human rights and gender and all that blah, but the way he was talking to me was like he came from the stone age or whatever uncivilized age where they think people should bow down at them always, or kiss their donkey at all times. Huhhh!!! Too bad for him, we are not in that age anymore. So now I am just cooling down by writing these things. I just wanted to cry right after he talked to me but … uh uh I will not be defeated. He is not even my supervisor at the moment. They are just requesting me to help them and this is what I got? What for? I do not get paid extra for the late evenings and nights I have to stay in the office just to do their damned work for them! The sooner they get somebody to work on this the better. I am so discouraged now and I take this as a sign that it is time to move on.

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