26 December 2007

Christmas Thoughts

Christmas day has come and gone! It was good to celebrate it with family and friends. Despite some people saying that it is lonely out here. Of course because we are far from our loved ones and we are in a foreign country. Yet, it is nice to listen to Christmas carols and to see some decorations. Even though people are saying that Christmas has become commercialized, I think in some ways it is all right because at least people are talking and thinking about it. And the next step is for them to ask about it. It is better than being suppressed and prevented from celebrating. And the important thing is to be ready to reply and explain why we are celebrating Christmas. Isn't it a good opportunity to share what God has done for mankind? So I think that wherever we are we can still celebrate Christmas, albeit in a different way or manner from what we used to back home. Before I used to think that it is good to be away from home during Christmas so I do not get to spend that much on presents. But then it is not exactly true coz wherever I am, I still spend to buy gifts to family, friends & acquaintances. Anyway it is the thought that counts and the feeling of joy as you see faces light up when they receive something given from the heart. It is my hope that through giving and sharing we can all experience how much God has given us, through the countless blessings during the year, and especially we can all fathom how deep His love for us that He gave!

And from now on, even though it is not Christmas anymore, we will continue to give, of ourselves, our time, our energy, our resources ... for a better community, society & world!

Merry Christmas & a blessed 2008!

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