28 January 2008


I survived the last couple of weeks' onslaught at work. Whewww!!! What a relief! It was so hectic but I was still able to manage things. Thank God that things went ok last Friday. I give all the praises to the Lord who was with me at all times. Esp. last week when I had meetings left and right, up and down (ha ha ha!). And working on 2 major projects and 20++ sub-projects, plus the demands of a number of people at work hmmmm. That is only at work. What about at home - cooking dinner and doing housework! Good thing Kiko also arrived late so I had time to prepare dinner so by the time he arrived, dinner was ready! So all things worked ok. I never forget that I had to wake up earlier than usual to have breakfast with the Lord. And that indeed set the day right. I give all the glory and honor to Him. I have learned to be patient in all circumstances and that there is a time for everything ... for He is in control at all times! I will keep trusting in Him, in times of busyness and ease ... This week I face another challenge again ... and I face it armed with the knowledge that the Lord is faithful and He will always guide and give me wisdom, as I have prayed for it.

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