29 January 2008

Work Woes!

Every time people ask me about my work, I do not really know what and how to answer. I can say that my work is interesting and challenging, with both positive and negative connotations. It is hardly boring considering the many characters and their idiosyncrasies I have to deal with, and sometimes come into loggerheads with. Surely the road is not smooth. In general things are ok and some of the time things get done. But when you really analyze each and every bit there are many things that are not ok at all! It is just like we are skimming the surface of things, just to get by, day by day, week by week, paycheck to paycheck, report by report, and so on. But I feel for my work if I do not put my all into it. Gee, I am not that kind of person that is so shallow and not to have a heart for my work. My orientation is not just a 9-5 worker, (or in our case, 730- 430-with-a-1hr-lunch-break). I feel deeply for the things I am doing, i.e. I set my heart to it once I start. And, the results are indeed something I can be happy with. Of course, to break monotony at work, I stand up and do different things. Maybe go out and stare at the pond, or, if I meet a friend, I'll chat with her/him. Just so I will not feel bored.

What troubles me is the fact that even in this so-called professional, academic world, there are bullies. We get bullied all the time, not physically maybe, but verbally, mentally and, most of the time, electronically. Sometimes bullying can also be in the form of not responding to requests or follow-ups and the like. So what should a mere mortal do in the face of this? Especially when we get blamed for something that was not done because the crucial person did not do anything in the first place? Take for example a follow-up I did with somebody who thinks he is Somebody. He replied that it was his first time to be informed about such and such and that he would reply only to me after I reply to his email tirade, blah blah. It was not my job to inform him, and he was supposed to be in that meeting where things were discussed. I was merely following up something they have already discussed. Ughhhh! So what do you make of this? Terrible, huh!

It is only Tuesday and I am in this frame of mind already. It’s just that I remember this bullying experience. Writing about it makes me feel good, and leaves a sweet taste in my mouth. I should get over it!

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