14 February 2008

crazy world!

Oh my! There are so many crazy people in this world, especially when it comes to money! Just like this female creature who is maybe suffering from so many ailments because even the simplest things she could not do or comply with and she has so many reasons not to. She should understand that we are operating within a system which has to be followed. If we do not follow the system and yet we still want to get what we want then we put ourselves in a very difficult situation. Just like in fund disbursements. We can not just throw money away left and right without any evidence or proof of its purpose, or where it was spent for. Because in the end, it will be us that the donors and auditors will investigate why we released the funds without a proper system of accounting, and we might be accused later on of cheating, corruption and many other irregularities. But what the heck! This person just got angry because we asked for documentation. But they are required! I feel so bored with this kind of people who are just nice and can be charming when they are asking for something such as funds but when it is their turn to do something such as send financial reports and the like, they complain and argue. Is this part of the nature of people like them? Imagine when we followed up the submission of these documents she replied that, “there is no need to send us the remaining funds.” Oh well … this also happened before. She did the same thing, like she requested for something because of blah blah blah and when it was a bit difficult she said never mind. We try to help them how to solve the difficulties and facilitate things but they themselves do not want to cooperate. What kind of mentality is this? It is so childish and immature. Maybe she thinks that she can just lord it over us and kick us around. For us we are trying to be diplomatic about it as they are partners and we have the institutional relationship to think of. But she is (they are) personalizing it. Maybe she thinks we will be obliterated from this world if she treats us this way. So funny! We do not even know each other so how can she treat me this way as if she is the high and mighty! Such a waste of my respect for her! I continued to show respect to her despite all the insults she has given me ever since their project began. Just because I wanted to be professional with it. My goodness gracious … life should be easier but they try to make it more difficult. It will not take time or cost if she just sends the needed documents. Is it really difficult? We are already showing and helping them how to do it but in the end they did not want to follow. So what can we do?

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