06 March 2008

being sick

I did one of those things I dreaded doing. I went to see a doctor. That and going to the dentist, of course. Unless he is handsome hi hi hi. Don't worry, I often tell this joke to my dear hubby and he would also laugh. I am not feeling well so I had to go. I have viral colds only, thank God there is no need for antibiotics. He gave me 4 kinds of medicines - for fever, coughing, running nose, itchy throat - and herbal lozenges. Well, I have not taken them yet. I have to finish my breakfast first. But upon taking a closer look at the medicines especially their contents, at least 2 of them have some substances that I do not want to take. So maybe I will not take them. I'll just resort to natural means, such as eating more guavas & other Vit C rich food, drinking more warm water with honey, more rest, more sleep. Hmmm ... and no work.

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M said...

Stopping in to thank you for leaving me a comment on my blog. Thank you and I hope you feel much better. Sometimes I think that I get sick when I want to be treated like I was a baby. Maybe it's all in my head. haha. Feel better.