08 March 2008

8 March

It’s March 8, International Women’s Day. Every year it is celebrated and the focus is on the situation of women all around the world. Well, not really all around because there are some areas that are not probably aware of this celebration. Anyway it is during this time that there is intense reporting on the status of women and many other aspects related to women such as employment, empowerment, opportunities and the like. There are also many activities to create more awareness on women’s issues. Today, there is a report by ILO that in Southeast Asia, more women are working but in jobs that are considered vulnerable and low-paying, as well as offering no security. Whatever, women have always been working, although most of them are unpaid work being done at home. Work that is oftentimes unappreciated by other sectors of the society. There are many issues that the society just skims over when it comes to women. Probably because most of the leaders are men so what do they know about us really. Or even if the leaders are women, they themselves might not be gender sensitive. These issues may be considered trivial but they are important in the eyes of the affected. Some people always depend on statistics or the majority rule, especially in a democratic society. I would tend to disagree in some cases to follow this rule because when it comes to life issues, just one life or one person affected or different should be considered important enough to consider making a change or doing something different.

To all women and girls, celebrate life! To all the others, give a toast to the women in your lives!

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