17 March 2008

Filipina pride

There are six of us from the Philippines in our office. Four Filipinas and two Filipinos. Two of the Pinays are in-charge of administration. Three of us are more on the project management and technical work. And the remaining Filipino is our big boss. There are at least 7 other nationalities working or supervising us. There are many differences, especially when it comes to hospitality and service. One time we had to travel out of town for our office workshop. It was around 3 hours travel. After about an hour and a half, my two Filipina admin colleagues started serving snacks, in the style of airline stewardesses. It was impressive because, as our Filipino boss commented, only Filipinas could think of this. I agree with him. I remember the year before we also went on the same trip sans these two. There were no snacks prepared. We had to stop at a gas station to buy food from the minimart there. To each his/her own. But this year we were really well taken care of. Thanks to them. I can feel pride for this appreciative effort of my two colleagues. I myself would not be able to do it since I had to prepare other things related to the workshop, such as preparing the agenda, documents, budgets and the like.

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