14 March 2008

papers, papers!

We use lots of papers in the office, for printing documents and the like. And cc'd to relevant people as well. Everytime I print pages of papers and photocopy them I can't help thinking about all those trees that have been felled, and the effect on the environment. Maybe it's too deep to think about this. Then next is about the waste disposal. So many scratch papers. What we do is to reuse them. We use the back side which is still clean for printing again or for writing notes. I cut them into half and 1/4 and then use them as note pads.

I have 2 containers near me. One is a wire tray on my desk. This is where I put the used papers that are still good (one side can still be printed or written on) so they can still be reused. Another is a paper box to put those papers which have been reused, i.e. both sides have been printed. I would usually give them to the cleaner who makes her own waste separation. She can make use of these things as well to sell.

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