25 March 2008

Is it Sir or Ma’am?

I’m definitely a Ma’am, sez moi. But here sometimes I am called a Sir! Ha ha ha … Even to my face. Last Friday we were at the Commart 2008 at Queen Sirikit viewing the Asus Eee PC. The salesman was so nervous speaking English but he managed. And he kept answering me, “Yes, sir” every time I asked him a question. I guess I should be used to this by now. It’s just so funny to be called this but to them, they thought they are doing their best to show their respect.

When I go home to the Philippines, I am inundated by all the Ma’ams that are spoken my way. I guess it fills up all those times in Thailand when I have been called a Sir. Yes, I think that's it! I mean, in the past, people did not seem to call me Ma'am as much as now. Maybe now coz I am older.

There, I guess I can just keep laughing!

1 comment:

the menace said...

oh my, i was the one who called you sir in PBS.

my sincerest apologies MADAM.