15 April 2008

Back from a working holiday

It was a very hectic 15 days! I attended meetings related to my work, attended get togethers with family, former classmates and friends, went shopping, did some cooking, talked & laughed lots, ate some good food, these and many more. And did some work as well. My handy asus eeepc proved to be a good companion. It was terribly hot in the Philippines, except when we went to Baguio in early April, when we were feeling cold coz it rained. It was nice to go home. I met some of my HS classmates whom I haven't met since we graduated in 1980! I went to a few places I've never been, such as the Kammea beach resort and La Vita resort in our hometown. I also visited some other places I've been to, but there have been changes so it felt like I was going there for the very first time. I had many experiences as well with people and traveling, some nice, some frustrating, some so-so ... hmmm. All in all, I wish I could stay longer. But work beckons. I dunno when I'm going back. I am hoping work will take me back to the Philippines again.

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