21 April 2008

Paper and Plastic

I was so impressed by the creativity of this campaign, just from its title alone, I feel so intrigued, tickled, challenged ... I read about this "Pumapel Ka, 'Wag Kang Plastik!" campaign in the newspaper when I was in the Philippines a couple of weeks ago. It literally means, "Take a stand or have a role (in something), do not be a hypocrite!". It is a very good one to encourage people esp. the business owners to participate as well in reducing plastic use.
Read more about it here: http://campaign.pumapelka.com and here: http://pumapelka.multiply.com.

Of course, in view its nature as an environmental awareness campaign, it means, "Use paper, not plastic!"

What tickles me is the play of words. The slogan can be used not only in environmental campaigns but also in other aspects of life. In being true to one's self and to others. I was trying to explain this to my husband who is a Thai and was asking him whether there are similar terms in Thai. But it seems that there is none. In Thai, the term for paper, "กระดาษ kradat" does not have another meaning. I mean, not like "papel" in Filipino which when used as a verb, the meaning changes. Am not sure in other languages if there is a similar connotation ...

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