18 April 2008

Now I'm back !

So what did I bring from the Philippines? It was mostly food items. Could not get enough of them esp. at the big supermarkets and the variety of things over there. When I went grocery shopping with my Mom at City Square in San Jose for them, I also bought some to bring back, such as Skyflakes original and garlic flavors. The latter is so yummy I wished I bought more! Then in Manila, we went to Landmark Supermarket in Trinoma to get more stuff, such as dried mangoes, boxes of nescafe 3-in-1 hazelnut and mocha flavor as well as ampalaya tea, pancit bihon (Gold brand). I wanted to buy more supplies but ... I was not able to bring cheese, chippy and cheezcurls. And now I regret it. Anyway, it's ok so I do not have to eat them often. I can buy them anyway once in a while from the Pinoy sari-sari store in Silom.

I bought turrones de casoy as pasalubong for my officemates. It is something strange for them esp. when I told them they could eat the whole thing. Somebody apparently did not understand it and started peeling off the white oblea. And she complained that why I brought something that was so difficult to peel. Ha ha ha!

At the NAIA airport I was able to buy ube and langka flavored hopia. Yesterday I had them for breakfast! With hot chocolate (cacao tablea) from my native province. The one made by Enriquita of Tigmamali, Patnongon. They are so delicious! She should market them worldwide. It is better than any other expensive cocoa brands...It is the real thing! My parents actually bought the native chocolates for us, as well as the ube flavored piyaya and pinasugbo (banana crackers).

In the past I would buy more than these and would sometimes pay for excess luggage just because of the canned goods and other food stuffs, including boneless bangus, beef tapa and the like.

Aside from food of course I was able to buy some magazines which I can really read! Here there are lots of them also but none in English. Of course there are the imported ones but they are so expensive I am not that crazy to buy them. I'd rather spend my money on books. Anyway I like the fact that in the Philippines the magazines are so swell! I got hold of the Philippine edition of Good Housekeeping, Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan. An officemate also ordered similar magazines. They are quite heavy though that's why I only bought a few. Last year I used to buy nearly all the titles and with the other stuff I had to pay around US$80 for excess luggage. This was on top of the 30 + 10 kg baggage allowance as an ROP member.

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