30 October 2008

Blogging from somewhere

yes, i have been everywhere the past few weeks. now i am in chiangmai, north thailand. last week i was in bandung & jakarta, and the week before that i was in phnom penh. next week i will be in philippines.

so what's in chiangmai? i am attending the international conference on sustainable urban environmental practices. i presented a paper on "applied conventional research and action research in development workon urban environmental management: towards better complementation." this is a paper i co-wrote with my supervisor at sea-uema project.

time here seems so short, esp when i was presenting. i was just halfway through my presentation when the chairperson told me i had 3 minutes left (out of the 15 minutes allocation). so i had to rush and summarize. i was able to finish on time wheww!

then the question & answer & comments section. it's quite nerve wracking. there are at least 3 people who always ask or comment after every presentation. so we all know who they are ... maybe they ask sincere questions or just ask for the sake of asking.

still have one more day here. we have sampled some fancy restaurants near our hotel. the hotel venue is quite nice. it's called kantary hills. it's a new hotel so things are still nice, clean and also posh. unlike the old hotels where you can smell so many types of smells...

in total it is quite a nice experience to be here but i have been working also on reports and other office stuff. that's just how it is, i guess.


milai said...

oh, so you are coming over here soon. ;)

welcome back.

i myself just got back from singapore.

Carnation said...

yup am here now