16 October 2008

Word play, again

I am now in Phnom Penh. I am working on my report while the TV is on. There are many channels and one of them is a Filipino TV channel. I do not know if they are showing the same programs as in the Philippines at the moment. Anyway even if I am not really watching I just listen to the sound of Tagalog ... A game show is on, with Q & A type of contest. I am always interested with this coz there are some funny stuff sometimes in these game shows. Just like the following:

Host: What word comes after “Best” on labels indicating expiration dates?
Contestant: Foods


Host: What is the correct word that is missing in this sentence: The best things in life are ____.
Contestant: Best

At least the contestant got it correctly when he was asked: Which "James" sang the song with this line: I did my best, but I guess my best wasn't good enough...

Do you know who?


Lara said...

ingram, of course!!!

Carnation said...

yes, yes!!!! tama ka, lars, hi hi hi. there might be some who do not know coz it's so our & your generation :)