10 October 2008

Finished reading

After a couple of late nights/early mornings, I have "finally finished" reading the novel, The Memory Keeper's Daughter. I could have finished it in one sitting but I had other things to do. Nevertheless my mind was on it and once I got back home, I was on to it. It is a sad book with glimpses of sunshine and hope. Sad for those who keep secrets thinking they could save people from grief by hiding the truth. But it backfired. Because of the secret, more lies were told and in the end, destruction. Of a life, a love that was once sweet and innocent. But as life is like that, there is still a ray left shining. The object/reason of the secret remains innocent, and protected. Did not lack the love of a surrogate mother. And yet such a loss on the real mother. You have to read it to understand. The memory keeper was not able to redeem himself. In the end, he died, thinking his secret was safe. But no secret is safe in this world, especially when it is a wrong that has to be made right. And so the truth has to come out. It is not too late, for those with so much love in their hearts. And the memory keeper's daughter in the end has it all - all the love that she needs. And more ...

This book kept me thinking even long after I turned the last page. Thinking of what their lives could have been if he were only honest enough. He had his reasons, but they were not the best reasons to have. And pity the wife, who through all the years had to carry the sadness and the loss. To have been cheated of the opportunity to raise and love a daughter ... This book has so many facets ... the descriptions are so vivid. It is a good read indeed.

Next I will try to get hold of the DVD version.

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