10 October 2008

It's Friday again!

Friday! I'm so glad. But it's now 6 pm and I am still in the office. I really have to go now. Clear things on my table, put them aside. For now. But I will be thinking of these unfinished stuff. But no, I will not think about them as I am going to enjoy my Friday night as well as the weekend. Do something different. Some things are the same though such as laundry and shopping, but there will be different things as well. It's good that there is no more rain. Hope it will not rain this weekend. It's been gloomy the past days and I have been sooooo absorbed in my work. But in the midst of that I was still able to squeeze in some fun stuff. No use grinding the office table, so to speak.

BTW, I've added a Christmas countdown graphic here. Just scroll down below. It's so uplifting. Cheers me up so ...

Have a good weekend, everyone!


Jena Isle said...

Hi carnation, yes, thank God it's friday, I just arrived from work too, so tiresome..and here I'm relaxing through blogging and writing..lol..Thanks for the visit to my blog, All the best.

Carnation said...

hi jena, nice to be able to relax...such a luxury. and in front of a computer too!!!! take care