12 October 2008

Sunday service

This Sunday's speaker at church talked on having peace that surpasses understanding (Philippians 4:6-7). Nowadays people are searching for peace. There are peace congresses, peace conferences, peace pacts, peace deals ... at the global level. There are also many issues about peace even in our own neighborhoods, in our workplaces, in our homes, even in ourselves. We long for peace, we search for peace, we hope for it. But can we really acquire it? The verses we read say that the key to obtaining this peace that surpasses all understanding is not to worry. Instead we have to pray and thank the Lord. This we have to do even (& especially) in the midst of turmoil and other disturbing situations. And we will have that peace, the peace which the world can not give. The peace that everyone needs.

Have you experienced it yet?


milai said...

"...the key to obtaining this peace that surpasses all understanding is not to worry."

i guess most people are just worrywarts by nature that is why they find it difficult to achieve inner peace.

Carnation said...

that's true indeed!

Lara said...

what a coincidence! that was also our sermon yesterday! she talked about guarding the heart above all things because it is the wellspring of life (prov) and then one of her sub-points was the importance of having inner peace that only Jesus can give. :-)

Carnation said...

hi lars, just shows the need for peace in this world!

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