08 October 2008

Word play

I was watching one news program on Pinoy Channel TV this morning while preparing for work. One of the news items was about an accident in C5. Despite the seriousness of the situation I could not help but laugh out loud when I heard the news reporter describing the victim with these words: “Meron siyang head injury sa kanya (She has a head injury in her)”, or was it, “Meron siyang head injury sa kanyang ulo (She has a head injury on/in her head)”? Or maybe I was just not fully awake yet I did not hear it properly. The eardrums in my ear (where else?) were probably still asleep :) :) :)

Yeah, just like that one handsome actor replying to the interviewer’s question: What is your favorite dessert? He answered: The dessert after eating is my favorite dessert. ha! ha! ha!

5 5 5 (in Thai)


milai said...

lol. there's this actress too who was asked about AIDS.

host: any thoughts on AIDS?

actress: i think i am too young. i am only 20.

duh. AGE is different from AIDS, ano ba. :P

Carnation said...

LOL ... there's lots of bloopers in these talk shows and game shows, even in beauty pageants!

aybi said...

hahaha! it happens all the time! btw, thanks for dropping by my blog. hope we could exchange links too. thanks! God Bless!

Carnation said...

ya...they lighten things up, reminding us that we need laughter in our lives...yes let's link up

aybi said...

hello carnation, i already link your blog!! have a great day and Godbless~

Carnation said...

hello aybi, thanks will visit you again! regards

manilenya said...

lol! kasi naman mga normal na tao rin sila...nagkakamali :p masaya nga kapag nagkakamali sila e kasi me pinagtatawanan tayo lol!

Thanks sa pagbisita :)