30 November 2008

Waiting for December 2008

It's now 1 minute before 1 December, Thai time. So I am waiting! By the time I finish writing this blog, it will be December. So today at Church we had this very inspiring sermon on Ecclesiastes Chapter 12. Very timely, as we contemplate on Christmas, and then the end of the year, and the new year. At the same time, thinking of the situation here in this country, as well as globally. What is my response to the things that are going on around me? It is indeed good to go back to the basics, to remember our Creator while we can do now, not until we do not have the chance and time anymore. To remember is to think of Him and to be doing His purposes for me. To be completely devoted to the Lord everyday of my life. To do His work, and to do what pleases Him. At work, at play, at home, in everything.

Now it's 12:07. Welcome, December!


Lara said...


merry christmas in advance, ate!

why don't you eat chicken anymore? isnt it healthier than eating pork or beef? or have you turned veggie???

Carnation said...

hi lars, merry christmas din and God's blessing on you and your loved ones.

at least in thailand chicken is not that healthy esp those grown in battery system with lots of vaccines and antibiotics. in fact in some studies pork lean meat is much healthier, esp. those grown in small scale and not feedlots. it all depends on how they are cultured probably. anyway, we've gone less on meats of any kind. more on fish but even then now with the melamine issue on feeds fish is also affected, they say. hmmm yes better organic vegetables if we can. and less meat in general. but i am not a vegetarian. i just eat depending on what i need for that time. or i just cook what i have in the fridge ha ha ha