29 November 2008

Christmas is near!

In less than one month we will be celebrating Christmas. During this time with the cooler temperature and the soft breeze I can already feel it. It would be much better if I were in the Philippines now with all the visible and audible signs of Christmas. You can really feel it despite the gloom from the economic and political situation there. But Christmas goes beyond the here and now, anyway. Here in Thailand you can only see decorations in the malls and big establishments, but of course they are mostly Christmas trees, Santa Claus and Rudolph, snow scenes, all the tinsels and glitters. I saw some angels and stars in the decorations. But nothing on the first family, we call it "belen" at home. I know that at least in churches and in Christian homes there will be a nativity scene (I hope). So that the worshippers and attendees will not forget what Christmas is all about.

The thought of Christmas and the excitement that goes with it are helping me go through some discouraging and hopeless moments at work as well as in other areas of living here in prathet Thai. Like today when we went again to the Lifestyles Pacific office. Again another unpleasant experience. They simply lack customer service skills ... that is the last time I will go there. Anyway now that I have another health product (First Vita Plus) to use I can say goodbye to Intra health juice.

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