19 December 2008

14th wedding anniv

that was yesterday, 17th dec. that's why i was not able to blog coz we went out for dinner and a movie. key gave me a bunch of light yellow carnations and they are so lovely! actually key said he was looking for yellow roses but they were not available. i told him i am happy with carnations, especially this color as it is not as common as the pink ones. then we went out to major cineplex as parking is more convenient. we bought our movie tickets first then we went to a jap resto for dinner as we had been eating mainly thai food during the past days. we started taking photos while waiting for the food and when our order came, the waitress told us not to take pictures of the food. well, they just lost their opportunity for free advertising in my blog. so there are no pics of the food we ordered. then later we went to watch this romantic comedy cum adventure movie ... entitled (hold your breath) - beverly hills chihuahua. oh well, we wanted just light entertainment. it was a rather sweet movie. i wonder what viewers with pets would say about it. the other choices we had were quite violent or serious to watch for the occasion.

we have so many things to thank God for during the past years, and we are looking forward to our continued journey together under His direction.


Anonymous said...

Rik has left a new comment on your post "14th wedding anniv":

Beverly hills chihuahua, ouch! ;) Well, congrats on the 14 years! Many people don't get that far these days. But still, Beverly hills chihuahua!? :))

Carnation said...

thanks, rik...so what, the chihuahuas were cute :)

milai said...

aww, so sweet!


sorry for not dropping by here often. my friends and i went to sagada last week. we also went to banaue and baguio so i wasn't able to blog much :)

can't reciprocate the bear stuff as i can not seem to follow its directions. LOL. am a certified tech-laggard, see. my sincerest apologies.

by the way, i like your new layout. life is indeed beautiful. ;)

congratulations again.