19 December 2008

A Photo Journal Challenge for this season

For those photo buffs out there, check out "The Challenge: 'Tis the Season Photo Journal Challenge" at bookoto.com.

The beautiful owners have this to say:

"Get your cameras ready.
Between now and December 28, 2008, however you celebrate the holiday season, take a photograph of an image that makes this season meaningful to you. Take a picture of people or a person, an object or a thing, an act or a gesture, a place, a tradition, or even a random thing that caught your eye and made you feel so good that it made you say to yourself, "Yes, the holidays are really here!" Capture the magic of the holidays. Capture the meaning of this season. Then share it by sending it to us."

For the challenge mechanics, please go to "The Challenge: 'Tis the Season Photo Journal Challenge". Your entry might be the best to win a wonderful prize from bookoto.com.

1 comment:

Your Friendly Online Hobby Bookstore! said...

Thank you for linking us, Ng Jigz. I owe you a blog for the award you gave me :-)

Hopefully, I will be able to blog about it soon. :-)

Have a meaningful holiday celebration with your loved ones. Mwah!!!