25 December 2008

I love Christmas!

Photo by Leilani G.

Merry Christmas to all!

I love Christmas because it gives me a perspective of what love really is. Christmas eve last night Key & I spent singing Christmas and praise songs, reading Luke 2:1-20, meditating on it and praying & thanking God for His gift and His many blessings. Earlier at lunch time we had an end-of-the-year party by the lake with my officemates. Each one brought a dish or two so we had an international menu (Filipino, Thai, Bangladeshi, Nepali, Indian, Vietnamese, western, fusion). We had an exchange of gifts and also carol singing. It was good fun and we enjoyed the camaraderie as it is not often that we can get together in this informal way. By 2 pm it was back-to-office time. When evening time came, in the midst of cooking spaghetti (for a 10pm get-together party that never materialized) I remembered that I still have not called home. I was planning to call earlier but I got busy with cooking. I know my parents would be waiting and would be disappointed and sad if nobody called. So I called and had to try many times. The networks were busy, as usual. This is always the case calling the Philippines at Christmas time and new year! Finally I was able to get through and talked to my parents to greet them and give some encouragement.

I have found the internet to be very useful especially when I want to listen to Christmas songs. So for many days now I have been listening to them through imeem.com or watching them through youtube. I had a post on Christmas songs last November here which I go back to as well. Below is really very good! Thanks to Pinay Ads for the link. Happy viewing and listening!


chubskulit said...

Merry Christmas Ate!

aeirin said...

Merry Christmas. Thanks for the link love

Julieanne said...

Merry Christmas! All the best for 2009!



Atif said...

Christmas is always fun.

It's one time where I get to meet all my cousins.

Hope you had a great Christmas.
And have a happy new year.