03 January 2009

Hello 2009! Goodbye (& thanks) 2008!

Photo by key&jigsz, hogmanay at stirling

So 2009 is now here! We were in a hotel upcountry when the new year came! We said our goodbyes to 2008 on the 6th flr of our hotel room! Before that we joined the gala new year dinner prepared by the hotel at 350 Baht per person. It was a set dinner where you got to choose from 4 sets of western food and 2 sets of thai food. I chose set A but the waiters and waitresses kept giving me the food from either set B or C. To the extent that we just made a joke out of it but could not keep wondering why it was so! The only thing they got right for my order was the tea (choice of coffee or tea). Oh well, sure as it went, after dinner, I just felt not so good. I think even when were making jokes about the "lost in translation" in the orders, my stress hormones were acting up. Thus it affected my digestion after dinner. I visited the toilet a few times until midnight. So one of my NY resolutions that night was not to complain about food and not to let the poor staff suffer! Maybe they were wishing I should get a stomach ache...so I "discursed" whatever it was, just in case. I really prayed for healing.

Goodbye 2008. And thank you for all the experiences esp. the stumblings, learnings, blessings, joys, even the pains. And thanks also to all friends and readers I've met here. Let's keep blogging to make the world a better place. We do not know what's in store for us all in 2009 but one thing for sure, we can look up to the Lord Almighty for guidance and assurance that He will be with us, at all times. My prayer is that I will continue to be faithful to the Lord and to keep walking in His ways. To delight in Him, in His words, in His works.

A couple of photos taken from our hotel room last 31 Dec 2008:

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