05 January 2009

The New Year's Blog Award

I got this very interesting award from Rechie which talks about New Year’s Resolutions. For sure all of us must have made some resolutions to follow for this year. Thanks for sharing this award with me, Rechie. I am truly a New Year lover. I have the following resolutions, which I really pray that I can follow, by God's grace.

My 5 New Year's Resolutions
  • Not to complain and whine but be forgiving and patient and to see Jesus' work/plan/purpose in every situation.
  • To keep going and not be distracted so I can be consistent in bible reading, study, reflection, meditation, journaling, praying. This could also mean less time spent blogging and chatting, and follow good time management.
  • Discipline in achieving good health, diligently joining weekly aerobics on campus, wisdom in choosing healthy food.
  • Wise stewardship of time, resources & esp. finances, i.e. sustainable consumption.
  • Witness for Christ through life as well as active sharing when opportunity comes, and to trust in Him who is faithful.
  • You must be a true lover of the New Year to receive this award. The person to whom you give the award must also be in love with the New Year.
  • Post at least five New Year’s Resolutions. If you can’t limit it to five, then continue until you go out of space.
  • Pass the award along to as many bloggers as you like.
  • Let your recipients know that you have tagged them by leaving a comment on their site. Also, link back the person who gave you the award.
I am passing this award to my fellow bloggers and friends: frances, fritz, linapuhan, anne, leah, julie, sheryl, lara and jopac.


Jose O. Paclibare said...

Hello Jigsz!

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I didn't know you were already blogging for the past few years now. I have to much to learn from you. I will email you later...

I will have to revise my blog, in pursuit of the "ultimate purpose".

God bless.


GaryChie said...

Thanks for posting the tag te...very nice resolution.

milai said...

Happy New Year!

Thanks for the Cloudscapes comment. Sorry it took a long time before I revisited your blog. Just got back from Aklan, is why.

Great resolutions!