10 February 2009

Sad, gruesome news

It was something you thought could only happen in movies or read in books. But it was something that happened in real life, right there in my own hometown (San Jose, Antique, Philippines). I heard about it late last week but I did not have all the details. Just now I read an account from Ellen Tordesillas' blog. My heart grieves for the victim and for her family and loved ones. May justice prevail, even if those who committed the crime may be more influential. My heart also grieves for my hometown and province. No longer can we say that it is a peace-loving community. Despite all the great & good things we hear people are doing there, we should not blind ourselves to the fact that alongside all these so-called greatness, darkness prevails, especially drug abuse and the many evils that come out of it.

In these modern times, it is often a fact that change for the better should happen. That is why it is always frustrating to know that in my hometown, it is still dangerous to be out at night, because of the darkness - in every sense of the word. Twenty or so years ago, when I was working in a nearby city, I would often take the last trip to go home for the weekend. I would arrive in my hometown between 8 and 9 pm. Then from the bus station I would just walk to my house (about 1 km) alone. My parents would tell me to be careful as it was not safe, as there were many addicts around. That was in the early to mid-80s. But why is it still the same story more than 20 years on, in the mid-2000s, and even more frightening? Instead of progressing, we are regressing. Dare we point a finger to anyone? Maybe it's time to analyse why is this so. Who are the designated guardians of our community? Where is the social responsibility of all those who were elected or chosen by the people?

There are still so many questions and I feel that since I am not living there anymore maybe I have no right to ask them. I know some would say that anyway, and that I could not do anything. What I can only do is to pray to the Lord Almighty that His real Light will shine to everyone there, even to those who fantasize that they are already enlightened, but maybe are going the opposite way. And my prayer is that the lives of those who know the Truth, the Way and the Life will shine to influence others to also want to know the same.


chubskulit said...

I just read the whole story and it's sad. My the family find the justice that they are entitled to. Such a horrible tragedy...

milai said...

Horrifying! Reading through it, I was rendered speechless as I thought such unspeakable acts happen only in crime books.

My prayers go to the girl and her family. May justice be served to them and to all those who are victims of such heinous crimes.

Thank you for sharing.

Carnation said...

hi misty & milai, yes, so sad to happen that way. we will be following the progress of this. hopefully it will be transparent and no cover ups as what usually happens in towns like this.