07 February 2009

Visiting Mang Mel/Milton

Re: Mang Mel from my post "Attention UP grads: Let's help Mang Mel"

I was able to visit him and his family at their house in Pook Ricarte, UP Diliman, last January when I was in the Philippines. I was gladly met by one of his daughters at the entrance of Pook R to lead me to their house. I've never been inside that area during the time I was at UPDil. I had a nice time also meeting his other visitors who are fellow alumni. Each one of us bought the 2 CDs of Mang Mel's songs. They were busy that time preparing to go to Kamias where he had to be in a concert or to be interviewed on TV. The whole family, esp Mang M was so glad to have visitors come to his house and he was so excited to talk about the things that have happened. Such as the Wish Ko Lang experience and the gifts from them. And the shooting/taping about his life to be shown on TV, etc.

They were thankful and happy for all the help extended to them. Through our conversation I learned that his parents were from the same province where I come from - Antique. Forom the town of Sibalom. It is just about 6-10 km from the capital town, San Jose where I grew up and still consider my home. When his parents were young, that was many, many years ago, before we were all born, they went to Negros Island. That was where Mang M grew up and then he stowed away to find a new life in Manila, where he eventually met his lovely wife, They have 6 children - all girls, if I remember correctly. Now at Pook R, the married kids also live nearby so they get to see their grandchildren everyday. I was able to take a photo with Mang M and one of his grandsons, Bamboo. Hmmm I hope my memory is correct.


shydub said...

How's the philippines? It feels good inside visiting old friends, you are such a nice person ms carnation,glad to meet you in the blogosphere/web.
I got awards and tag for you in my blog http://shydub-simplehappylife.blogspot.com/

milai said...

It's really sad to learn about Mang Mel's plight. And I find it appalling that some Iskos and Iskas took advantage of his kindness.

Glad to know that there are people like you to help him out. :)