20 February 2009

Yehey, It's Friday!

So? Somebody might ask. Would you ask the same thing? What's so special with Friday and why the glee? For me the day started quite early but still I came to office at the regular time. No use coming early. Probably due to waking up early that I felt a bit dazed ... sometimes dizzy... maybe it's the heat. So today I just stayed put in the office as it is cooler. I did not even dare walk to the coffeeshop to buy my mocha coffee. Good I have some coffee here in the office so I was able to have my caffeine input. So all day I was a little bit 'lethargic' but I tried to make myself active by moving around, talking to others, laughing at simple stuff. Maybe it's the time of the month that's why I am starting to feel a bit of a headache. I willed it away with my Poy-Sian inhaler. After 3pm when I had already my cup of coffee I felt my 'mood' lifting and this prompted me to write this blog. It's Friday! I feel excited about it. So the week was a drag, sort of, 'work-wise' that's why. What with budget cuts and other stuff. I am ready to take a break. Maybe do some gardening, cooking, shopping, foot massage, sleeping in. Yeah, that will be nice.

What do you plan to do this weekend?

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Jade said...

*Sigh* Time flies so quickyly right. It's almost March! I need to pack this this weekend and the coming days because we will be moving at the end of the month so tons of work for me.

Thanks for dropping by my blog and glad to meet another Laksa lover;)

Hope to see you again!