17 March 2009

I won 1,000 EC credits!

This is the second time I won this much ec credits! Thanks to The Struggling Blogger for this. I won this by joining his simple contest last mid-Feb.


MommaWannabe said...

Congrats to you! Watch out for my contest on saturday - my birthday.

I will be giving away $100, 200 K EC Credits and so much more=)

Makoy said...

ei nanalo ka rin pla. congrats :)

Carnation said...

thanks to you both!

FickleMinded said...

good for you! minsan mas malaki ang chance manalo sa mga simple contest kesa sa mga grand event, minsan nanalo ako ng 500 credits, i'm not even aware that there's a contest on that blog that i frequent until the blogger sent me the credits. :D

Carnation said...

hi fickle, that's true. enjoy nga to join the contests. hope i can host a contest someday.

Roy said...

congratulations again!

keep on joining contests, you'll meet a lot of bloggers too.

looking forward to your own contest, I promise to support you too ;)

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