18 March 2009

Love and pray

Last Sunday at church we were reminded of the greatest among these three: faith, hope and love. LOVE. As an application we were to write two names of people we know, then we pray for them specifically and send them a small gift with a note that they are special to Jesus and that Jesus loves them.

I prayed for was a colleague of mine who was very sick. I prayed that Jesus would draw her to Him, as only when He draws people to Himself that they can open their hearts and minds to His truth. I also prayed that she will have strength to endure the pain, and that despite (or because of) her suffering she would cry out to the Lord, for help and deliverance. I hope that by crying out she could experience the presence and love of Jesus. My prayers are my gift to her.

It was a sad thing to hear that she passed away early this morning. Everyone who knows here grieved of the loss. We comfort ourselves that of the fact that she has been released from the pain and her spirit can rest. May she rest in peace. When we last saw her we spent time talking quietly with her and prayed for her before we left , embracing her. She whispered “Thank you” in my ear.

May the Lord will bring comfort to each one.

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