05 September 2009

Laughing at ourselves

Was it the green tea-red bean flavored moon cake that made me laugh and laugh yesterday afternoon?

After lunch yesterday, we were on our way to a nearby province to visit a research station. We (or rather me as Key only had 1 bite) were munching on this moon cake as our dessert. We were in the car and the 5-L water container behind my seat kept falling every time Key (who was driving) turned the car. He would reach behind me to set it upright again. After a few times of doing this he finally got tired. What transpired next kept me laughing every time I remembered it:

Key: It fell again.

Me: Why do you think it keeps falling down? (while chewing the moon cake, so my reply to him was a bit distracted)

Key: I don't know. Maybe you moved your chair?

Me: What? No way? Did not move anything.


Me: The only thing moving is my mouth.

Ha! ha! ha! (since it sounded so funny, I said it again ... and we just kept laughing!)

After some time while waiting for Key to finish his meeting, I kept remembering this scene and I was just laughing and laughing. I was thinking why I could not control my laughter. I was thinking maybe there was something in that moon cake...I ate 90% of it while Key only had 1 bite. I know though that it was not the moon cake.

Anyway, it's just one of those spontaneous instances in life which can be stored in our emotional bank. To be visited and withdrawn and to be enjoyed again and again in the years to come.

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