18 September 2009

Those Moments

Many times we laugh when we forget something and refer to them as our ‘senior moments’, a common occurrence among the ‘young once’. Do you think it will be funny when we finally get there?

I received this email some time ago and then today I got it again from Daily Joke. Just wanna share it to make us smile or even laugh.

Note: this can happen to men, too.


Three Old Ladies Joke

There were three old ladies sitting around the kitchen table - Gertrude, Sophia and Harriet.

Gertrude said, "I think I'll go upstairs now and take a bath."

She took all her clothes off as she was filling up the tub, she had one foot in the tub and the other still outside. She said, "Was I getting into the tub or coming out of the tub?"

Sophia and Harriet were downstairs chatting with each other, when Sophia said, "You know, Gertrude's been up there for quite a while - I'd better go and check on her."

As she was going up the stairs, she stopped and turned around and said, "Was I going up the stairs or coming down the stairs?"

Harriet was left sitting at the table by herself. After she heard Sophia's remark, she said, "Thank goodness I'm not that bad, knock on wood. Was that the front door or the back door?"


So next time you have your senior moments, just remember you are not alone! Have a nice smiley day!

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