17 September 2009

Webinar on Blogging

I have just attended a webinar (web seminar) which introduced Blog4Reviews.com and how to blog better and earn some money from blogging. It was my first time to attend a webinar and I am so impressed with the quality of the audio and the presentation using VoIP technology. The webinar session I attended tonight was the last session of a whole day of webinars on different topics related to blogging and the like. This is part of the One Internet Day 2009 webinar series in celebration of the 10th anniversary of digitalfilipino.com. The speaker, Ms Janette Toral, is a leading and successful internet professional, among other titles she holds.

The webinar was hosted by ProFora Media.

I learned many things and I was also able to interact with the speaker by asking questions and getting answers real time. I was also able to hear the questions from other participants and the expert's answers to them.

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