22 October 2009

Remembering Dad

It's been six months since our Dad passed away. We continue to miss him and the pain of losing him is still deep in our hearts. Yet life goes on and we thank our loving God for His grace and love that bring comfort and healing to keep us going each day. Including as well the sympathy and love of some family and friends who understand us. We have the memories and memories. Even coming here to UK brings lots of memories, especially of the time in 2005-2006 when Key & I were here last. We would call home, send sms and write letters to Dad and Mom. I remember one time it snowed and it was very cold. It was still early morning here but already day time over there. Dad said to make sure we are warm and not become sick.

I brought with me his sweatshirt. It was his but he never used it as it was still new with the brand tag on it. It is quite big for me nevertheless I like using it. Keeps me warm and I always remembering his advice to keep warm. Some other stuff I have that I keep with me include a photo sticker he took with Mom when they visited Bangkok in 2001; and one of the birthday cards they sent to me. They would usually write their own message and seeing Dad's handwriting and reading his message bring comfort.

It helps to know the fact that in all the sadness and grief, Jesus, the Good Shepherd is here with me. It makes all the difference. There is light instead of darkness; there is hope. There is peace despite the chaos. So I thank the Lord that each day with Him reveals something new, His truth.

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