12 December 2009

One foggy morning

Sharing the foggy views of this morning as I went to my university before 9 am. I call it fog rather than mist as the visibility was less than 1 km. It seemed that sunny days are no longer here.

While waiting for the bus, it was difficult to see it coming. It was good that there were other students waiting so I did not feel afraid, not knowing what was in front. The vehicles passing by had all their lights on.

The fog was all over the place, even more so at the university which was outside the city and hilly. So when going up these stairs I could not help thinking of the song, "Stairway to heaven".

The fog persisted all throughout the day until evening, and night. And it seems tonight will be a cold one, again. As I have four more days here, I could not help thinking that soon I will be home, where the max temperature is 33C and min temp is 22C. Cool in the mornings, but compared to the temp here of 0 to -3, the 20s is warm.

What kind of emotions or thoughts does the photo below evoke or bring to mind?

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