04 December 2009

Global Cafe

I haven't been faithful in blogging lately due to my study/workload. What with papers to read, analyse and critique, and presentations to prepare, along with meetings and seminars to attend, plus cooking and housework...Anyhow, I finally found the time, now.

Every Thursday, the Global Cafe is open from 430 pm until 7 pm or so. This is for students to drop by and have a chat and a hot drink and snack, and to get to know people and make friends. I have been coming although not so regularly due to my academic commitments. But I still try to go whenever I can despite the distance as the venue is quite a walk from my study room in another building, and I had to brave the cold (and sometimes the rain). It's just something that I want to go to where I can meet friends and talk about other things. And I get to meet nice people especially the organizers who are friendly and genuinely interested in us.

Today we had the Christmas Global Cafe. The last meeting for this year before students go for Christmas break. I had been looking forward to this, along with last Tuesday's Christmas Carol Service, which was also a good one, simple yet profound.

A good number of students came - some I've met before, while some were new to me, just as I was to them. But all of us have been coming to the GC during the semester.

We had some special Scottish food such as haggis, oat cakes, shortbread and pudding with cream, together with chocolates, peanuts, biscuits, and hot and cold drinks.

We also had Christmas crackers with goodies (marbles, key chain, mini-notepads, and small items), coloured paper crowns and jokes inside.

Aside from the talking and eating, there was also a sharing of what Christmas means by Ken, who came wearing his Scottish formal wear, the kilt.

Thanks to Joan (& Ken), Carol & Christine for organizing this. See you again next year!

Merry/Happy Christmas! May we all experience the peace, joy & love that Christmas brings, which come from our loving Saviour!


Desert Aquaforce said...

Wow... I smell the aroma of the coffee and oh... the cookies and cakes look very delicious! What a nice way to party with classmates before the Christmas holidays! Enjoy your Christmas break in Thailand with Key! God bless Jigsz!

mph said...

It is good that you have a place like this to go to and to be blessed! When are you going home to BKK?

Carnation said...

hi merls yup tyagaan lang minsan. going home next tuesday na. rgrds