09 February 2010

On voting as an OFW

Election time in the Philippines is approaching. The campaign period has already officially started. So what thoughts and feelings have we as an OFW regarding voting in absentia? Time to think hard who to vote for. But the question is, will my vote really count? My dad would always say that what matters is that you have exercised your right to vote, a right that was well fought by those who were before us. Especially so for women, as in the past women were not allowed to vote. I remember the year when I reached the age to register as a voter. It was one of the milestones of our lives in the family. And so we have to keep up with it. We do our responsibility and exercise our right, even if sometimes we know that we have no control over the political and electoral situation in each of our places. Our only hope is that the commission on election and all others involved in counting votes and the like will respect the votes and voices of the people who have cast their votes. So the right persons can be placed in the office as chosen by the majority. Let us make our choices based on the good principles, integrity, capability, leadership skills, all the good values. Let us not be star-struck by the glittering propaganda and emotional campaigning. Let's spend time to really think and decide. I have to do these things as well. Gotta start now.

Please read Desert Aquaforce's blog entitled OFWs Vote to Make a Difference for more insights.

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