05 February 2010

Kaset Fair 2010

The much-awaited Kaset Fair organized by Kasetsart University started last 29 Jan and will end on 6 Feb. This is held annually during this period. I am amazed at the magnitude of this fair. One would think that it is just a university event, featuring only university outputs and such. However, through the years, it has really grown into a major national event, wherein not only the KU community gets to showcase their work, but also those from outside the university, from north to south, and from different sectors. They get to show research outputs, beta and marketable products, innovations, and many other interesting stuff. Various items are being exhibited, such as plants, animals, dry goods, machinery, prototypes, food stuff, household items, clothing, etc. There are also many activities organized by the different faculties, such as competitions (drawing, aquarium decorating, fighting fish, dog, eating, etc.), shows, and technical conferences.

There are just lots of activities. I haven't even completely moved around the fair area which is scattered over the whole campus, indoor and outdoor. There are also various Thai food, desserts and seasoning on offer and one can taste them first before buying. Walking through just one row of food stalls would make one feel full as there are lots of food and snacks to try (chim-chim).

I have not finished looking at all the stalls and displays as there are just lots of things to see. At night there are also some activities but I could not give details on them as I have not visited at night. But I know from previous years that it continues to be busy even at night. Especially as it is a lot more cooler than during the day.

Looking at the lovely plants and flowers I wish I have a garden at home. They all look so nice, and to have all these greenery and colors at home is so tempting. However, a small thought would ask me who will take care of them when we are away on travel. The same thought comes when I look at the ornamental fishes and the cute puppies.

There are also some products from other parts of Thailand and somehow looking at them and interacting with people gives one a glimpse of Thai culture. So for those who still have not come to the Kaset Fair, why not drop by Kasetsart University today or tomorrow (last day). Bring enough to indulge in shopping for Thai stuff, food, khanom, etc.

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Hi ate Jigsz, I like your note, I like Kaset Fair too.... Hall introduced us to the event, maybe 3-4 years ago, we went in the afternoon and it was nice n cool like you said.. the dishes at the seafood restaurant managed by the students were delicious and reasonably priced... would love to go there again but not sure Tio would enjoy it too :)