19 June 2010

On Father's Day

Hold Daddy's Hand: A Father's ageless book of wisdom for his daughter
Everyday I think of you, Dad
You are here in all the lovely memories
That are inside my heart.

On this day of Dads,
I can’t hold back the tears
Remembering, and missing you, too.

The times spent with you
Bring special thoughts and warm feelings

I treasure them all as I recall.

Although they also bring sadness
As those times could not be repeated
I keep holding on to those wonderful moments with you.

Your smile, your laughter, your voice
Your strength, your care, your guidance, your love

Your presence that always brought comfort and security.

On this year’s Father’s Day

I will surely miss you again
You’re gone but will never be forgotten.

I always thank the Lord
That you were a Dad in every sense of the word
And in that you have fulfilled your purpose in this world.

You mean so much to me, and you will always be in my heart.


milai said...

written from the heart. i remember you writing about your dad passing away and this poem is such a lovely tribute for him.

happy father's day to your dad! :)

Carnation said...

thanks milai. am sure dad is happy and at rest now with the Father in heaven