22 October 2010

About Entrecard

If you want to add traffic to your site, I encourage you to join Entrecard. It's fun and at the same time you earn credits to advertise your blog in other blogs, and you get to meet new friends as they drop their cards (ec) in your blog. You get to read other blogs as well, and learn many new things about people, places, and almost any topic (wholesome and good ones only). There are many activities over there such as contests which will allow you to earn more credits to use. Also the administrator there is very proactive and responsive. So it is great to be exchanging cards and ideas over there at Entrecard. These are just some of the pros in joining. As for cons, hmmm I am trying to think what ... well, it takes time to be dropping ec's but then that is still fun so it is not really a negative aspect. I am glad I am part of this wonderful site.

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