26 October 2010

my birthday

yesterday 25th oct i celebrated my -ty7th birthday! it was a holiday here in thailand so it was great to spend it sleeping in and just lazing about. well not exactly because eventually i had to open my computer and did some work. also chatted with one of my sisters and some friends. later on we went out to have lunch in our favourite noodle shop which serves the best kwei tyao tomyum moo krop (tomyum flavoured noodles with crispy pork) i have ever tasted. it is a typical thai noodle shop, and very popular. it was nearly 2 pm but more people were coming to eat. so the sellers must be very happy. after eating we went to visit my parents-in-law in bangkok.

we also passed by a superstore to look for my newspaper, bangkok post, but it seems that the copies are not that many because i always could not get one. the shops would say it's finished, or they did not come or they are not ordering anymore. what's happening to bangkok post these days? i know they have the online edition but i still prefer the printed one. so there are days when i could not read the newspaper because of this. i don't like the other one which is also in english. i think it's the layout and the contents and the way they are printed which do not appeal to me.

while there i also stopped by mccafe as i really like their mocha coffee (hot, no whipped cream). i know there's lots of calories in one cup but hey, it's my birthday! we also bought rice for my parents-in-law, and some snacks for them and my sister-in-law who lives nearby. in addition we also had the recyclables inside our car for my mom-in-law who enjoys selling these stuff to the roving junk buyers. so we collect our empty plastics, cardboards, newspapers, cans and glass bottles and would bring them to her once in a while.

after our visit with them, we drove back to our place. we passed by the pizza company and ordered the super supreme thin pan pizza for our dinner, as well as fresh vegetable salad and the super delicious mocha almond fudge swensen ice cream! that was for dinner in our condo. then while eating our dinner we watched 'Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang" on dvd.

of course, we prayed many times that day, thanking God for the life He has given us, esp thanking Him for the past year for me and committing the future to Him. so exciting to see what God has in store for me and my prayer is that i can fulfill His purposes and be living for His glory.

the day before we also had a small fellowship party after church. i requested some lovely sisters to prepare some food such as spaghetti, pandan-sago (kaimook), carrot cake, and dimsum. another friend prepared some pudding and choco chip cookies. we brought crispy garlic bread, juice and water. the fried chicken wings we ordered from a shop did not materialise as the owner forgot all about it. anyway everyone had at least something to eat and we enjoyed the time with one another.

so that was how I spent my birthday.  although I was feeling a bit sad coz i remembered my dad again. when he was alive he would always call. this time, i did not receive any text messages from the philippines. but my mom and sibs informed me later that they sent sms to me to my smart roaming number. however until now there are no sms, so i think the smart system is acting up again. i heard some people are now campaigning to have the name changed to something that starts with the letter 'd...'

thanks to all who greeted me on my birthday, face to face, on the phone, online. you are so special to  me ...


Unnamed Psalmist said...

Happy Birthday Dear! More Blessings to come!

jon said...

Belated Happy Birthday to you.. :)

Carnation said...

thanks for the greetings, psalmist and jon!!

YanaH said...

belated happy birthday po!
late na nakapagblog hop hehehe

wishin u more and more blessings to come..all the love, luck and happiness u deserve to have

Carnation said...

Yanah, thanks for the greeting and the wishes ...

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