15 November 2010

So looking forward to Christmas!

Yes....can feel it already...in my heart, in my mind. Not yet all over where I am now. But in a few weeks' time I will be in the Philippines so I am sure I can see all the signs of Christmas celebration over there. Philippines is well-known to start Christmas celebration as early as September, you know, when the -ber months come. That's when in the past the cool wind would start to blow and we could feel that the weather has changed. Along with the cool season comes a nostalgic feeling of past Christmases, and hoping that the current year will be the same or even more joyful! From Christmas carols being heard in the malls and jeepneys and elsewhere, to decorations, shows, shopping, and other events ... at school, church, offices, communities. There is a feeling of Christmas that can never be felt elsewhere. So it is good to be in the Philippines at Christmas time. But if one can't be there, let us try to build our own Christmas memories where we are. Because Christmas can be celebrated no matter where one is...in fact the first Christmas occurred in a manger, in a stable, among the animals.

Even in the web such as blogs, Christmas postings are now increasing. Such as this one at Pinoylandia, where Noypi the author wishes everyone a bountiful and meaningful Christmas. See his card below and follow his link. Thanks.



Noypi said...

Wow! Thank you so much for this po...

I added you up on my bloglist and gave you a link love on my more popular blog, http://noypistuff.blogspot.com.

Good luck to us!

Thanks again and more power!

Noypi of htt

Carnation said...

salamat din...regards