06 December 2010

siampinoy party

5th Dec. It was my first Christmas Party for this year. The siampinoy.net group had a party yesterday at Master J and Madame H's new place in Ramkhamhaeng. It was quite well-attended, and I enjoyed meeting new friends. They are new face to face but they seemed like old friends coz I have been communicating with them through siampinoy.net. There were lots of food (of course, it's a Pinoy party, and also a Christmas party!), music, fun, and gifts. Plus photo opportunities in a real studio, with Master J's skillful handling of the camera.

Also took many photos of the event to post here, and so I can match faces with their net IDs in the forum. It was a surprise to finally meet the faces behind names such as Master J, Madame H, Ongbak, Mr. Fit, softrock, Reign Butterfly, Buddhist Punk, Boroyski, Elektra, Dimples, Off, Metallic_Cotton, smb...

Food. We started with pancit molo. Missed this stuff. It had everything in it - chicken, pork, shrimp. So yummy! We joked that it's great to have pancit molo even if we are not in Molo, Iloilo City. The main cook is from Iloilo so it was the real thing! Then there were other main dishes - lechon, arroz valenciana, pancit canton, fried chicken, chicken sarsiado (don't really know the exact name), fried shrimps, baked pasta. And the desserts - biko, palitaw, orange cake, carrot cake.

Fun. There were a number of games and we had fun competing! Games about Thai trivia, charade, trip to Jerusalem (for those with young knees!), and gift hunt. For our Thai friends, there was a game about Pinoy trivia. Special participation by friends from Aviation (Thailand) Co. who gave out some prizes to those who responded to trivia Q's about Cebu Pacific.

Exchange gifts. Always have this during Christmas parties. Great fun.

and more ...

Friends. It was great to have this opportunity to meet new friends, especially meeting our kababayans here in the Land of Smiles so we do not feel we are in the Land of the Lost. It's great to have siampinoy.net as part of the Pinoy community here and hope many more will be able to connect, interact and find it useful and helpful. It is a valuable resource center for anything related to Pinoys in Thailand as well as for Thai-Fil relations and the like.


Reymos said...

I miss Xmas parties with matching exchange gifts, including ginataan and biko!

Merry Xmas!

Carnation said...

hi reymos, white christmas kayo dyan di ba? merry christmas din sa yo...God bless.