02 July 2011

wet saturday

It has been raining during the last few days. But all the time we were able to avoid it by leaving the office just in time and arriving at our wee room behind the uni before the skies burst open. But today, we were caught in the rain on the way home to our condo. When we left the mall, we saw that the skies were very dark. So frighteningly dark. Less than 10 km from our place the rain started pouring. Hard. Even when we arrived it was still raining. So we had to sit and wait in the car. Just reclined the seat and had a nap. After around 15 minutes, the heavy downpour stopped. Just drizzling a bit. So it was nice to be outside after the rain because it felt cool. And fresh. Rainy days are still here, with some thunderstorms, they say. So umbrellas and raincoats are now in fashion. We just hope there will be no power blackouts, especially if we are in the middle of working with the computer or in a meeting presenting something through a projector...

Hope you have a sunny and fun weekend. Even if it is grey and dreary outside let us find ways to make it bright and great! Have fun! Here's a smiley for you!


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