05 October 2011

Thank you, dear teachers!

I join everyone in celebrating World Teachers' Day today. It is a significant day to acknowledge, understand, appreciate the important contribution of teachers in educating the youth and also to development. Their dedication to their profession is remarkable, especially those who persevere despite the undesirable conditions such as low pay, airless/hot classrooms, lack of supplies and equipment, and sometimes lack of support and even respect from others. I hope that by having a World Teachers' day people will become more aware of the important roles teachers play in molding the minds of the youth to be better citizens. In the same way, I also hope teachers will continue to be dedicated to their profession, to keep learning, to keep mentoring, to continue to have a vision of a better world. May their love for learning be emulated by the students who will become future leaders in all aspects of our society - in their professional and personal lives. 

I give a toast to all my teachers who have shared their knowledge and skills with me through the years, who have contributed to my learning and growing, encouraging me to achieve what I can be, to test my limits, and to go even beyond my comfort zone - to learn more, and also to learn how to teach others. 

My heartfelt thanks to you all, dear teachers and professors!

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