25 September 2011

September : summer is gone!

More than 3 weeks of September have already gone ... summer is also officially gone. The other day was the first day of autumn in the temperate world. Signs of autumn can already be seen, such as the changing colours of leaves, shorter days, colder temperature ... But sometimes during the week we can still experience warmth from the sun and blue skies. Just like today. It was warmer than the past days. And the sun was shining so bright I had to wear my shades. And I was sweating. Quite a good feeling actually. And I couldn't help just looking up towards the sky, to see the blue sky and the sparse white clouds. For a while there I felt I was back home. Nostalgia. Can't think of that now coz I have lots of work to do. This Tuesday I have a deadline for my paper. And I have to count the days now, to keep an eye on the calendar and manage my time so I can meet my deadlines.

I thank God that he makes the day nice even if I have to work hard. So it lifts my mood up. Although it makes me also think of not working inside the office and sitting in front of the computer. Coz the day is so nice that it would be good to just go out, walk around, see people looking so happy. But could not do that now. I have to finish this paper soonest. So I hope we can still have some sunshine and blue skies next week, after I have submitted my paper, so I can enjoy it.


Secondary Roads said...

And around here it is harvest time. We are just bringing in the last of the vegetables from the garden. Soon our neighbors will harvest their crops. Some of that has already started.

Carnation said...

hope you had a good harvest this year!