28 November 2011

can't do w/out

Today of all days this thing happened. My eyeglasses had an incident ... I sat on them, so you know what that means!

I was reading on the bed and then I felt sleepy. So I removed my glasses and then went to sleep. When I woke up after an hour (past 6pm), I looked for my glasses. I could not find them so I stood up and realised that I was sitting on them. One lens came off, and the frame was a bit deformed. Good it did not break coz it's a titanium frame. But I could not wear my glasses now. And I could not see clearly. So I have to work close to the computer monitor to see what I am typing. I still have lots to write for my paper. Need to go to the eye shop first thing tomorrow! I hope they can do repairs.

So my glasses are things I could not do without. I could hardly see anything clearly. And it is really important with all the readings I have to do now, and working with my files and data. I might get a headache and eye strain but I will keep working until my eyes feel tired and I have to rest.


Secondary Roads said...

Sorry about that. The repair shop should fix that easily.

Carnation said...

thanks...yes the guy at the optical shop fixed it for me.

mph said...

I know what you mean. I can't also work well and for a long time without my glasses on! Hope you'll have them fixed quickly. Regards..

Carnation said...

thnx merls, yes i got them fixed the next day. thank God